Tahlia Roda is our visiting audiologist from AudioClinic in Bendigo.

Tahlia graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters of Clinical Audiology and began working at AudioClinic in 2016. She recently completed her internship year and achieved her certificate of clinical practice.

Hearing Tests

Your initial consultation will involve a hearing screen to determine if hearing loss is present.

If your hearing is within the normal range we review it every three years.

If there is a more significant hearing loss, we will arrange for a full hearing assessment to determine the nature of the hearing loss and discuss treatment options, eg. hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Once hearing aids have been agreed upon we book a fitting appointment to set up the hearing aids and a follow-up two weeks later.

We also do regular annual checks of the client’s hearing loss and their hearing aids.


This service is for adults over 26 years of age only.


See Allied Healthcare Practitioners – Fees and Rebates

Work Days

Daylesford – Wednesday

How to book an appointment

Please call AudioClinic Bendigo - 03 5442 8082

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