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Springs Medical Centre is proud to support many important community events especially activities that align with our vision to achieve the optimum health of our community. Some of these activities will be featured on our website from time to time.

Diary of Greg Stewart’s trip to Timor Leste (East Timor)

La Faek Diak Clinic

Triloka Bacau East Timor

In September this year I travelled to Triloka to volunteer at the La Faek clinic for 2 weeks. This clinic is 15kms outside Bacau, East Timor’s second largest town, settled by the Portuguese more than 400 years ago.

The clinic was set up by Mr Constantino Pinto and his wife Inge Lempp approximately 8 years ago to cater for the health needs of this moderately populated rural area.

My two previous volunteer stints have been in Dili so it was a pleasure to get out of crowded dirty Dili. The clinic is a primary care facility, like ours at Springs Medical, however plans are advanced to build a midwifery/birthing unit nearby as many Timorese women have their children at home without any professional help. The maternal mortality is one of the highest in the world, so this centre will be welcomed by local women.

Fortunately during my stay an Australian ICU nurse Damien Rake was also there. He had just returned from a 1 ½ year stint in a remote location near Mt Ramelau, East Timor’s highest mountain. His fluent Tetum and knowledge of tropical medicine made things a lot easier for me.

The laboratory at the clinic is able to do 4 tests. 1 malaria screen 2 tuberculosis sputum test  3 urine pregnancy test 4 urine “dip stick” for infection. This array of tests as opposed to the hundreds we can order at St john’s pathology is a reflection of life in East Timor.

It was not all hard work as there is a beautiful beach nearby, stylish old Portuguese  architecture and a wonderful old fresh water pool in Bacau.

The Lafaek  Diak Clinic was the recipient of a Springs Medical Centre “ Kris Kringle” donation.

Greg Stewart October 2012

East Timor

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