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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

QUIT smoking for the health of yourself and your family

Tobacco causes more preventable illness and death than any other drug.
Smoking causes a range of cancers as well as heart disease, stroke and emphysema.
The health impacts of 2nd hand smoke, on other members living with a smoker, especially children, have been shown to be quite significant in many cases.  For that reason alone, it is very important that there is no smoking in the house and especially not in the car.
The cost of smoking is not only the impact on you and your family’s health, it has now become an immense financial cost, and will continue to increase as the years go by.                                                                                      

On today’s costs, if you smoked 15 cigarettes per day, at an average cost of $23 per packet of 20 cigarettes, it will cost you $131 per week, $525 per month, $6296 per year. Over 10 years you will have spent $56,666!
Quitting smoking can take several attempts - but NEVER give up giving up.
Consider any past attempts a quitting as practice and experience. You will be successful eventually.
The earlier you quit, the greater the health benefits, but quitting at any age is beneficial.
Your health will improve in the first few months after quitting, benefitting your heart and lungs, increasing blood flow to your hands and feet, and improving your immune system. Also your sense of taste and smell will have returned.

There are a number of strategies to help you stop smoking and avoid relapses. Quit courses, counselling, telephone support, nicotine replacement therapy and or medication with the direction and support of your Doctor.
Springs Medical Centre in Trentham and Daylesford are encouraging our clients to improve their health by providing support from our Smoking Cessation Nurse and the Doctors.

Please call Springs Medical Centre Trentham on 5424 1602 or Daylesford 5348 2227 and book a smoking cessation appointment with the nurse and your doctor.


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