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Dr Karen Thompson

When I graduated 36 years ago from the Alfred Hospital, Monash University, I would not have believed I would end up for most of those years practising general medicine in rural and isolated rural settings.

About 20 years ago I developed an interest in integrative medicine, prompted by the challenges rural patients are facing accessing services, and the need for patients to be increasingly "looking after themselves". The extra knowledge gained in integrative medical care and biomedical therapies serves to markedly augment tools available to achieve and maintain wellness in rural patients (my focus).

These two specialist fields largely upskill the GP in the art of helping the human body achieve homeostasis through treatment and diagnosis of essential nutrient deficiencies and excesses.

These fields also utilise knowledge in the field of genetics and epigenetics (how essential nutrients and environment influence gene expression)

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Special Interests:

  • Integrative Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • Biomedical Therapies