Faith Lakey – Psychologist

Faith Lakey is a skilled practitioner with over 13 years’ experience in government and community health settings and expertise in the youth justice and private practice spaces.

This diverse skill set allows Faith to successfully engage with children (aged 5 and above), young adults, adults, couples and families. Using a person-centred framework, Faith applies evidence-based, best practice models to asses and provide therapy to clients.

Faith creates a warm and respectful environment where people feel safe to heal and grow, setting and meeting their own goals as Faith delivers personally tailored and focussed strategies.

Faith works with people to ease the debilitating effects of anxiety, trauma, depression, grief and loss. She also helps people build skills to self-manage panic, stress, anger, addictions and problem gambling.

Faith encourages and supports people to tackle the challenges and issues surrounding identity formation, the restoration of self-esteem and confidence and the complexities of interpersonal relationship breakdowns.

Clients can access Faith’s psychological services through the Medicare system (rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year).

Faith is also experienced in helping clients involved in WorkCover, TAC and Victims of Crime systems. She can provide psychological support and help clients navigate the complexities and pressures of those systems.


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Work Days

Daylesford – Thursday

How to book an appointment

Faith’s main office is Mark Poyser Pty Ltd in Kyneton - please call 5422 6321 to speak with them directly.


Dr Andrea Stewart – Psychologist

Andrea Stewart has worked extensively in all areas of mental health, both in Australia and as an aid worker in India and Nepal. She enjoys working practically with people of all ages and life stages to assist them in making positive changes in their lives, finding creative solutions to their problems, and enhancing their wellbeing and quality of life.

Andrea is experienced and happy working with individuals, couples and families of all configurations and orientations. Her doctoral thesis examined childhood and adulthood trauma and suicidality across gender and sexual orientation and she has spent many years working in the trauma field and in suicide prevention, both as a trainer and as a clinician.

Andrea is very experienced in working with depression, generalised anxiety and specific phobias, grief, body image and eating problems and unwanted habits. She likes to work closely with individuals to devise personalised ways to optimise resilience, personal strengths and life stage contentment.

Andrea is a registered provider with Medicare, TAC, Workcover and Victims of Crime. 


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Work Days

Daylesford – Monday and Friday

How to book an appointment

Please call Springs Medical - 03 5348 2227 or book online



Sabuh Adhami - Psychologist

Sabuh has relocated recently from Tamworth in NSW to Macedon ranges with her family and has made it her home. She had been in NSW for over 20 years and had over that period worked in various settings within the Hunter New England Region both as an employee and in private settings. With Hunter New England Health she specialised in the area of Child Development Services within the Child, Youth & Family Health Team.

Her work involved working with children born prematurely or those who had two or more areas of delays or at risk of developmental delays. In private setting worked with people of all ages experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and behavioural difficulties.

Sabuh had completed M.A & M.Phil degrees in Psychology (specialising in clinical area), both from A.M.U, India. She received a merit scholarship to study in Australia and thus headed towards greener pastures! She completed her M.A (Hons) - research degree in psychology from the University of New England and after completing her studies she made Australia her home as she loved living here. Her thesis work centred around panic attacks as well as factors that contribute to various health behaviours.

In her spare time, Sabuh is quite crafty!! Loves knitting, crocheting, reading and of course cooking some yummy Kashmiri food. Additionally Australia taught her to be a handy woman - renovating houses. In younger days, she loved playing hockey, basketball and running.


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Daylesford – Tuesday


Please call Springs Medical - 03 5348 2227 or book online