Skin Prick Allergy Testing

A message from Dr Albert Ip

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your huge and on-going support regarding the Allergy Clinic.

As some of you may know, the Allergy Clinic is comprised of 3 Visits to Diagnose the issue and 3 visits to desensitize.

1) Allergy Visit 1 which is the interview visit: can still occur with phone or telehealth consult. It roughly takes 40 min for the interview to be completed.

2) Allergy Visit 2 is when the skin prick testing and lung function is completed.

We are planning to recommence our Skin Allergy Visit 2 late July 2020, without Spirometry for now till COVID safe, we would like any patients that have their own Ventolin or Symbicort, to bring their puffers to their Allergy Visit 2 in case required when being tested, That way, minor respiratory reactions can be dealt with using your own puffers.

You will be monitored for active asthma on the day of testing to minimise any potential issues on the day. Your testing may be canceled if your asthma is active.

3) Allergy Visit 3 is when you have a telehealth appointment with an Allergist Specialist in Melbourne. If you have completed the first 2 visits or need further reviews, this visit will still occur on a Monday Telehealth day when Dr Ip is on site.

Desensitisaton visits will still occur once you are ready for desensitisation or are coming back for Season 2 and beyond. This will mean less people with hay fever symptoms moving forward.

1) If you are coming in for Session 1 desensitisation : Day 1 has to be booked in with Dr Ip and a nurse. As the majority of patients that need attention only have their worst reaction on Day 1, it is best to have this done on Day 1 with Dr Ip

2) Day 2 and 3 can be any other doctor and nurse. 85% of our patients only require Day 1. A further 5-10% require day 2 observations and <5% Day 3. We cancel Day 2 and 3 if you have no reaction on Day 1, but best to have it booked in

3) If you are coming in for Session 2 and beyond, you can book with any doctor or nurse from the clinic. They can liaise with Dr Ip directly if there are any issues

In this unprecedented time, Springs Medical would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we
re-deploy our staff and resources to best serve you, our community.

We are here for you.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Many thanks,
Dr Albert Ip
GP Lead Allergy Clinic


Allergy (Skin Prick) Testing

Did you know that you can desensitise against some pollen and dust mites using a tablet now?

No more weekly injections! Instead you can now take a tablet from the convenience of your home!

Ask your doctor whether you should have Allergy Testing at Springs Medical Daylesford.

People who may be interested in having the Oral Allergy Desensitisation are:

  • People who have asthma.
  • People over the age of 16 years experiencing asthma, wheezing or hay fever, sneezing, runny nose, itchy, red eyes.
  • If you are affected when grass is freshly cut, seasonally in Spring or at night.
  • People with allergic reactions to pollens, grasses and house dust mites.
  • If you are concerned about your asthma symptoms worsening during Thunderstorm asthma weather.

For more information please talk to one of our doctors or nurses.


1. Allergy Testing Fees

Visit 1: Will incur a gap fee of $50 for all patients
Visit 2: Will incur a gap fee of $125 for all patients.
Visit 3: Telehealth consultations with the Allergy GP and Allergy Specialist will be bulk-billed (no gap fee) for all patients.

2. Immunotherapy (Desensitising) medication fees

If patients proceed with desensitisation immunotherapy, a prescription for medication will be provided. Pharmacy costs for supply may be approximately $100-150 per month of therapy. For pollen allergy this may be $600-$900 for 6 months per season. For dust mite this may be $1200-$1800 for 12 months supply depending on prescription requirements and pharmacy charges. These medications are not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme nor the Medicare Safety Rebate. A partial rebate may be available from Private Health Insurance Extras.

3. Desensitising Fees

No out of pocket cost.

4. Non-attendance or late cancellation fees

It’s very important that you contact reception if you unable to keep your appointment. Please give us at least 2 hours notice otherwise a charge may apply.

This is a non-rebate charge of $50.

Further Information

For more information download the patient information form here

How To Book:

Please call the Clinic on 5348 2227. Please DO NOT book Allergy Clinic appointments online.