Better Breathing Wellness Clinic

Temporary Changes to our Clinic

Spirometry is of high risk that results in the spread of viruses via droplet transmission.
Therefore it has been deemed unsafe to continue during this COVID-19 time until further notice.

Thank you for your patience at this time.

Do you have Asthma or another lung condition that has lasted 6 months or longer? Do you want to improve your skills at managing your own lung health? Then speak to your GP about our new Better Breathing Wellness Clinic. 

What is the Better Breathing Wellness Clinic?

The Better Breathing Wellness Clinic is a dedicated Wellness Clinic which focuses on improving management of chronic lung conditions such as Asthma. A chronic condition is a condition that is expected to last for at least 6 months or longer.

The Better Breathing Wellness Clinic will allow you to spend time with a Wellness Nurse specialist and your GP to focus on Better Breathing. The Better Breathing Wellness Clinic provides a dedicated assessment of your lung capacity, any challenges you may be facing with your health, tailored education and advice, medication use including inhaler/puffer techniques, tools, tips and advice to help you manage your lung condition.

Aims of the clinic:

  • To increase your confidence and support you to manage your lung condition
  • To help you increase your knowledge about your lungs and how to look after them well
  • To ensure you have an up to date action plan and know how to use it
  • To improve your quality of life

BBWC patient info sheet - Click here

Spirometry Fact Sheet- click here