Smoking Cessation Clinic

Thinking of quitting smoking? Or are you about to try again?
Then let us help you (and no we won’t lecture you or give you stats on how much money you can save!)

You’ll have a dedicated Smoking Cessation Professional Nurse who will help you:

  • Work out why you smoke i.e. stress, habit, peer pressures and social situations
  • Explain why smoking is addictive
  • Understand why you want to quit
  • Set realistic and achievable goals for quitting smoking
  • Manage and beat the cravings

A personalised support plan will be developed that will help you through the first month (normally the hardest part), followed by a 12 month on-going support plan with your nurse and doctor.

With the right support and resources you can give yourself every chance to QUIT FOREVER.

Booking an appointment

Please call us to make an appointment with your doctor and the smoking cessation nurse at either Daylesford, Kyneton or Trentham.

Further Information

If you require further information, please talk to one of our doctors or nurses.

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