Flu Immunisation 2020

Pneumonia Vaccines

Pneumonia Vaccines are now available.

Please book a phone consultation with your GP to discuss.


Flu Immunisations available

UPDATE AS AT 27 July 2020

Flu vaccines are still available. Patients are encouraged to contact our reception team and request an appointment with their GP. Appointments can also be booked online via our website or the HotDoc app.

SM Trentham: 5424 1602

SM Kyneton: 5422 1298

SM Daylesford: 5348 2227

Please share this information with family and friends who may not have access to this page.

We thank you all for your patience and support during this time.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.


Important Message to our Community

From Board Chair Dr Bradley Wyer and Springs Medical General Manager Emma Johns

Springs Medical is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for our entire community. This includes our staff, our patients, contractors and visitors to all of our sites.

The current Covid 19 Pandemic has led to unprecedented demand on our services and we understand that our patients and their family members are feeling anxious due to the current availability of the 2020 Flu Vaccine. These feelings are also fuelled by constant media advice to “Get your Flu Shot now”.

Please understand, we do not have a consistent supply of flu vaccinations from the government due to the current health climate. They are unable to give us any commitment about supply one week in advance and we are often finding out the day before we get the vaccinations. This makes planning very difficult and understandably frustrating.

Thankfully, the majority of our community are incredibly respectful and supportive, and understand that we are absolutely doing our best to provide services safely and in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, we’ve had a number of instances of patients speaking in an abusive and aggressive manner towards our staff, pertaining to our flu clinics and availability of the flu immunisation. This is not ok, and we will not, in any circumstance tolerate abusive and aggressive language / behaviour towards our staff. We do not want to resort to our Patient Code of Conduct policy and procedure, however if abuse continues, this may result in a ban from attending our Springs Medical Clinics. Further information regarding our Patient Code of Conduct policy can be found on our website.

We are always here to support you and will do our best to work with you. Please be kind to each other and respectful to our team.

Thank you for your support and assistance,

Brad and Emma




Springs Medical COVID 19 and Flu Immunisation Update 11 April 2020




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