SIS Wellness Program



The ‘Put a Spring In your Step’ (SIS) Wellness Program is an 8-week wellness program incorporating exercise and education to help you live well.

This program will give you knowledge and tools that will help you manage your health long term. You will get a better understanding of how your health affects your body and mind and how diet, exercising and catching up with friends, family, or doing activities you love help to improve your quality of life.

For non Springs Medical patients, please complete and return the external referral form here.


• Increase your strength, exercise capacity and the distance you can walk
• Improve your quality of life
• Increase your confidence and ability to self-manage and cope with your condition
• Keep you out of hospital
• Encourage life-long behaviour change


• 1hr health assessment – we’ll look at your medical history, discuss your goals, take some baseline observations and schedule your gym sessions.

• 30min gym assessment – a short physical assessment so our EP can develop an individualised exercise program suited to your medical status, ability and goals.

• 2 x 30min - 1hr gym sessions each week at a local gym facility.

• 8 week review and option for an additional 6 week maintenance program.

Please make an appointment with your GP to assess eligibility and for a referral to the SIS program.